Public Works

The Public Works Department oversees and maintains over 17 miles of Township roads and right-of-ways as well as Township bridges, stormwater management facilities, parks, open spaces, and other infrastructure. If you have a concern regarding Township roads or facilities, please contact the Township Office at (610) 469-0444.

If you have a concern regarding a state road, please contact PennDOT’s Chester County Maintenance Office at (484) 340-3200.  State roads in South Coventry include Daisy Point Road, Harmonyville Road, Pottstown Pike (Route 100), Pughtown Road and Ridge Road (Route 23).

South Coventry Winter Storm Regulations:

  • Vehicles are not permitted to park on roadways, shoulders or cul-de-sacs during winter storms. No trash cans or other obstructions may be placed on roadways or shoulders.
  • No snow, ice or slush may be thrown, piled or pushed onto a public roadway, drainage area, stream, culvert or catch basin. No snow, ice or slush may be pushed or deposited at or near any intersection so as to create a traffic hazard by impairing visibility.
  • It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that any snow accumulation is removed from sidewalks by the day following a snowstorm.
  • Mailboxes—If a mailbox is accidentally hit by a Township snowplow itself, the Township will repair the mailbox. If damage is caused by snow, ice or slush that is pushed while the roads are being plowed, repair is the owner’s responsibility.

Please note Township roads are plowed in the following order:
1.  Main Collector Road
2.  Secondary Roads
3.  Development Roads
4.  Culs-de-sac