Water and Sewer

On-Lot Systems

The majority of properties in South Coventry Township are served by on-lot wells and septic systems.  For information or permit requests for your on-lot well or septic, contact the Chester County Health Department at (610) 344-6225 or visit the Chester County Health Department’s water and sewage page.

On-Lot System Links:
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Liquid Waste Haulers Certified by Chester County

Community Systems

There are two community sewer systems and one community water system in South Coventry Township.  For questions or concerns regarding these systems, contact the Township Office at (610) 469-0444.

The Woodridge Wastewater Treatment Plant is a spray irrigation system that serves properties located on Beechwood Terrace, Crestview Circle, Ridgeview Drive and Woodmont Drive.

The Ridglea Water System and Ridglea Wastewater Treatment Plant serve properties in the Ridglea Development along with some properties located on Daisy Point Road, Pottstown Pike, Pughtown Road and Ridge Road. Please note, water provided by the Ridglea Water System is not fluoridated.

Community System Links:
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2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report – Ridglea Water System
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